Lunch Program

Students are offered a nutritious hot lunch daily for a minimal cost. Lunch menus are posted monthly. Students will order  lunch (main entree or sandwich) for the month and submit payment. (Please the monthly menu link below  to view and download the menu. Then print, clearly circle your choice, return to school with student name and grade) The lunch order menu is due, with payment, 3 days after it is sent home. We now have an extra snacks menu in case you want to send in something of your choosing and also order a snack.

Lunch Menu May Lunch Snack Menu May

Lunch Menu April   Lunch Snack Menu April

The availability of below menu items may vary on a daily basis. Payment for these a la carte items will be made each day.

Cafeteria Daily Menu Items

Side Menu Items:

Fresh fruit bowl                                                          .75

Applesauce                                                                 .75

Extra 1.5 oz salad dressing                                         .50

Soft pretzels                                                                .75

Soft pretzel with cheese                                              1.25

Frozen dessert                                                             1.50

Granola bar                                                                 .75

Chips                                                                    .75

String cheese stick                                                      .75

Bread                                                                            .50

Funnel cake                                                                 1.50

Churro                                                                         1.25


2% Milk                                                                        .50

Low fat chocolate milk                                                 .50

8 oz bottled water                                                         .75

16 oz bottled water                                                       1.50

6.75 oz 100% fruit juice box                                         .75

10 oz 100% fruit juice bottle                                        1.00

11.6 oz Gatorade                                                         1.50