Dress Code

Regular uniforms are purchased from:

Boys Uniform

Girls Uniform

Rush Uniform Store
101 W. Harrison Street
Wilmington Manor
New Castle, DE 19721

Gym uniforms are purchased from:

A Stitch in Time

101 W. Harrison Street
Wilmington Mannor
New Castle, DE 19721

Preschool Dress Code

Dress Code Policies

Students who repeatedly violate the uniform policy will be denied participation in the next dress-down day and/or face disciplinary action.


Students must have a traditional haircut and one natural color

Hair must be kept neat and clean

No facial hair is permitted

Bangs must be above the eyebrows


Students may wear one earring (post type) on lower lobe in each ear

No hoop/dangling earrings permitted

One small ring permitted

One watch may be worn on the wrist

Only one bracelet or band may be worn

One religious medal, cross or crucifix, on a thin silver or gold chain may be worn

Fingernails should be kept neat and trimmed

Perfume/cologne, make-up, hats, or sunglasses are not permitted during the school day

Brownie/Scout Uniforms

Students may wear the scout uniforms on meeting days


Dress Down Days

Dress down day is a privilege. Children who violate or challenge the dress down policy will be asked to notify the parent and request a change of clothing be brought to school.


Dress Down Days

Top of pants MUST be around waist

Shirts must be plain shirts or t-shirts with positive messages only

Tops must have sleeves and be long enough to cover the torso

Shorts and skirts must be loose fitting and appropriate in length

Sneakers or shoes; no boots or opened back or opened toe shoes allowed

Sneakers or shoes with heel no bigger than 1 inch may be worn

All other regulations apply