Tiger Talk! August 2, 2016


Dear Parents/Guardians,
Happy August! I hope this email finds you rested and relaxed. School has been busy but boring without the happy noise of your children in the hallways. Please give them a hug from me, and tell them that I am looking forward to seeing them again soon. I am very excited about the upcoming school year. The building is really starting to shine. Book and supply orders continue to arrive daily. We have done some painting, replaced lights and ceiling fans, and have even done a little construction on the ground floor. Mr. Shields and I are planning professional development opportunities for our staff, and I am planning for a meaningful faculty retreat. We are meeting with parish staff to plan as well. We are giving tours to potential families and have registered new students.
Preschool has a new SMART Board, and Mr. Limmina’s SMART Board was replaced. We have IPads for all of middle school. Our teacher computers and the computers in the lab have had many software updates thanks to Mr. McMillan. Floors are shining! Teachers have been stopping in for their new class lists and are thrilled to see who will be in their class this year. Look for your child’s teacher letter heading his/her way soon. We have 25 new students, which is wonderful. Thank you to all parents who refer students to our school family. Word-of-mouth is our best and most efficient marketing tool.
I meet with our new Home and School Board tonight, and I am anxious to schedule all of their fun events for the upcoming year. Our dedicated and very active Home and School Board gives this parish school life! Be sure to try to attend the general meetings throughout the year and help support the family-fun events. Our first meeting will¬†take place on August 31st at 6:30pm. Parents of children in preK through Fifth grade should report to the child’s homeroom class at 5:30pm. This will be Meet the Teacher Night! After the hour presentation, all parents will meet in the Ballad Room at 6:30pm for the general meeting. At the conclusion of the general meeting, parents of the younger students will be dismissed. Middle School parents will stay for the brief Middle School Presentation. This night is important, so please mark your calendars. Important information will be distributed that evening.
I recently received letters from St. Elizabeth High School and Padua Academy recognizing our graduates for the honors earned at their current high schools. Congratulations to the following students for achieving honors for the fourth quarter!
St. Elizabeth High School First Honors: Senior Marc Brown; Junior Daniel Vernon; Sophomores Andres Fabris and Taylor Oden-Randolph; and Freshman Danny Borowski
St. Elizabeth High School Second Honors: Junior Andrew Mazalewski; Sophomores Justin Brooks and James Mazalewski; and Freshman William Lorenzo
Padua Academy First Honors: Senior Isabella Hrivnak; Sophomores Ellen Banker and Stefania Lombardo; and Freshman Andrea Reynolds
Padua Academy Second Honors: Seniors Margaret Achenbach, Molly Bobjak, Lauren Kennedy, and Julia Hines; Juniors Margaret Banker, Laura Land, Grace McCarthy, and Madeline Perez; Freshman Samantha DiVirgilio
There are a few room changes in the process. The previous Title One Room (Festival Money Room) will now be the classroom for the Special Education Teacher, Ms. Elise Schiccatano. She will work closely with our school counselor, located directly across the hall. Title One will now be held upstairs in Ms. Casale’s former Reading Room. A new entrance was made into the Technology Office (Mr. McMillan’s office). This will provide privacy for those using the adjacent women’s restroom.
Please refer to the school website for the school calendar. Weather permitting, we will continue to have our traditional Flag Ceremony at 9am on the first day of school, August 29th. All are welcome to join us in the Kindergarten Courtyard.
This summer is flying by! We hope to see you all soon. Mr. Shields and I are here every day if you have any questions or need anything at all. Enjoy every minute of this time with your wonderful children. You blink, and they are grown.
Mrs. White and Mr. Shields
“The opportunity to do great things does not come along very often, but at every moment we can do little acts with great love.”
~ St. Francis de Sales