Early Childhood


A full day or half day program for three and four-year-old students is provided. The curriculum balances academics and social development. Students enjoy the benefits of the school setting including full cafeteria services, regular Liturgy attendance and before/after care options. The preschool language arts curriculum includes daily story time, exposure to the alphabet and the building of vocabulary through literature and thematic units


Mathematics is taught in self-contained classrooms for Preschool.


Students in preschool attend weekly music classes, taught by a music specialist. Through sequential curriculum activities, they develop singing and listening skills. Students learn to interpret musical notation and study music history through various activities. Many different aspects of music are addressed and taught throughout the year, including preparations for occasional performances.


A qualified physical education teacher provides a complete physical fitness-oriented curriculum. The curriculum is designed to meet the expectations for pre-school aged children, with a combination of sports, dance, exercise and other elements of physical fitness. Every grade participates in a weekly class.


The Religion program is designed to provide a holistic approach with graduated learning experiences from preschool to grade 8.


General Sciences and Laboratory Experiences

A fully equipped state-of-the-art science lab is utilized by students for preschool.  Our science program implements the Lab Learner curriculum, which is in accordance with the Diocesan Science Curriculum and Standards as suggested by the National Science Standards. This Science program presents opportunities for learning the scientific method and process skills through experiments and hands-on activities. Science concepts are enriched through cross-curricular links and appropriate books related to science topics. Interest in various science areas is enhanced through computer software. These computer programs allow for the implementation of critical thinking skills and the application of the scientific method.


Weekly computer skills classes offer students the opportunity to enhance the language arts and math curriculum in preschool.

To meet the needs of an ever-changing, ever-increasing technological world, guidance regarding Internet usage and responsibilities is presented and discussed. All classrooms are equipped with SMART boards. The Computer Lab is available for all to use and there are PCs in all classrooms so that students can access technology to complete assignments.  In Preschool 4 students are introduced to iPad technology in the classroom.